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About Laura Merswolke

Laura Merswolke – Business Owner/ Groomer

Laura has always had a passion for animals and even as a child she knew she wanted to work with them. While she was in high school, Laura enrolled in the co-op program and her placement was at a local grooming salon. There she watched and learned from the groomers and she decided that this was a career option worth investigating. Later, Laura purchased her own grooming equipment. Self-education, combined with her co-op experience, helped her to begin to groom her own two dogs and eventually the pets of friends and neighbors.

Laura realized that she loved this job and it was becoming more than a hobby now.  With that in mind, she investigated dog grooming schools in order to obtain a diploma. She discovered that B-Pro Grooming Academy had an excellent reputation within the industry for producing highly trained and skilled graduates. While attending there, Laura learned to groom all breeds, learned how to hand scissor, how deal with dogs of all temperaments, dog and cat anatomy, and much more. After receiving her diploma and graduating with top marks, it was time to formally begin her own business, Laura Leigh Grooming. Laura continues to love her career, working with pets and clients, and continues to grow in the industry.

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About Laura Merswolke